Ghazal is a wellness center where we serve men and women of different age groups and life-styles and help them embrace their health, beauty and well-being, with home-made natural products.


Buy2supply is a platform where buyers and suppliers meet and interact. Making it easy and cost-effective for businesses to source their input and sell their output.


Gymawy is the Egyptian gym-goer's dream come true. It is a mobile application that provides customized workout routines for both men and women complete with Egyptianized nutrition systems for its users. Why need a coach when you have one in your pocket!


Breakout is Egypt's first Real Room Escape experience, where founder Tarek Safwat locks you and your friends in one of their many-themed rooms and you can only get out if you solve everything right.. Within only one hour.


RestorYa provides you with professional restoration services for your most valued antiques (Paintings, vases, wooden work). Our team of professional restoration experts provides services for all antique collectors, private galleries, antique shops and more.

Chameleon Coworking

The first coworking space in New Cairo, Chameleon Coworking is a home for students, startups & freelancers, providing a dynamic workspace that adapts to how you work, and helps you organically network with a community of diverse mindsets. Now Open!


Metropolis is a software platform that allows Massive Multiplayer Online role playing game players to trade their hard earned items between one game and another facilitating the transit through our platform securely and hassle free. By Binary Eye.

The Class

The Class is an online educational platform that offer self-paced tailored preparation courses for international certificates as IGCSE, GRE, CFA and IELTS.

Blue Bird Designs

The blue bird is a symbol of modesty, unassuming confidence and happiness. Those are the values we aim to deliver to you. Art, stories and ideas were all born in a notebook through which we will encourage you to become the person you are meant to be. Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

La Vie Boheme

La Vie Boheme is a hub aimed at developing talents by giving them workshops as well as offering the opportunity for them to showcase their work. La Vie Boheme is currently functioning as an online magazine that speaks for artists and talents. www.bohememag.com